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Reaching goals is all about building the daily routine

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App's UI is great and it does perfectly what it's supposed to do, track / build habits
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If you only download one app in your entire life, make sure that you download this app, because the kind of support and help you get from the developer is just unbelievable and amazing. Best app I’ve used in ages. Thank you for making this!!
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Really good app always help me and give me reminders
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Focusing only on reaching the goals

No limits
You decide on the number of habits you want to do and how often
No stress
You can pause a habit if you feel sick or need a break
Dark mode
A dark or light theme is up for your choice
See what your friends are doing, support each other and find new friends
We are an international group of same-minded people. Twenty-two languages!
Custom notifications
No overwhelming notification, just what you need in order to be on track
We like to learn and apply. All our findings you will find in the App
Real Time
Access from any platform. Garmin and Apple watch integration are on the way
Privacy by design
Private habits and no weird permissions request that is not needed for the app

Hi there! 👋

The App is spin off of my Personal story and books like:

Best, Alex from

How does it work?

Set a realistic goal

Let's say you want to read Seven books in 2 months.

Form a habit

Be specific, what should you do, and how often.

Be consistent

And you will reach your goal in 2 months.

Need help?

Please reach me out via

News 📢

6 November 2022Challenges is launched!

31 July 2022New version is available on Android and Web (IOS in progress)

18 December 2021 We launched: Habit builder online

12 December 2021 Now we are supporing web platform!

11 Novebmer 2021 Our community have reached 5000 users across the world

26 October 2021 The app now have a new name: Your Habit

7 October 2021 Now you can share and play habits with your friend